Predict Engine

Technical Help

What is the Predict Suite ?

Predict Engine is a powerful rendering engine at the core of UVR’s computer-aided appearance design (CA²O) platform : the Predict Suite.

Our cutting edge optical simulation engine processes data from multiple data sources (CAD drawings, BRDF, camera characterizations, spectral environments,...) to create high-resolution Iso-Photographies predicting with pixel-level precision how the light interacts with any object or material, in any natural or artificial environment.

The Predict Suite was designed to give product manufacturers and designers a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective way to build, test and refine prototypes and mockups in an interactive way.

Predict Suite features

  • Path tracing

  • Spectral rendering

  • Light polarization

  • Very big 3D models

  • Physical material models

  • Physical sun and sky models

  • IES light sources

  • HDRI environments

  • CIE standard observers

  • Photometry and Radiometry analyze

  • GPU rendering

  • Denoising

Optional features :

  • Measured materials

  • Measured displays

  • Measured HUD

  • Measured optical sensors

  • Measured light sources

  • Measured textures (.axf)

  • Measured environments

  • Multi-GPU support

  • GPU cluster support

Predict Suite integration with Unity

The Predict Suite is fully integrated with Unity3D environment.

Using the Predict Suite with Unity enables you to access a variety of powerful features from Unity such as complex user interfaces, customizable scenarization, easy deployment and stereoscopic and Virtual Reality integration.

We merged the Predictive Suite settings and features with Unity’s in order to let you integrate smoothly our cutting-edge rendering software to your existing projects.

Predict Suite for Unity additional features

  • User Interfaces

  • Scenarization

  • Easy deployment

Optional features :

  • Compatible with VR

  • Stereo rendering